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International Coins from Coinlode.com

Coinlode stocks a wide variety of international coins, medals, and banknotes with animals on them, including mammals & amphibians. More than 1400 different coins from more than 200 countries are maintained in our inventory. The range of dates begins with BC ancients and runs through the most recent issues.

Order Online or Call 530-345-7969

We get most of our orders by e-mail, but also get them by telephone. If you wish to order by telephone, please begin with your name and address, then the list number and a brief description of the coins, using country, Y or KM numbers, and the quantity desired. Leave a telephone or fax number, or e-mail address if you want confirmation or have questions. Our telephone number is (530) 345-7969. Most of the time you will get the answering machine, which picks up after the 4th ring. For those with access to a facsimile machine, our 24-hour dedicated fax is (530) 342-1553. Our e-mail address is clode@jps.net.

Many of our international coins are one-of-a-kind, and alternate choices are appreciated. Some new issues are only available as singles or in limited supply. The most desirable coins on our lists tend to be sold within 48 hours of the lists reaching their destinations. If you really want a coin, call, fax, or e-mail the order to us. Orders are filled in the order in which they are received. Telephone orders not accompanied by a credit card number will be held for 5 days for the U.S. addresses or 10 days for overseas orders. If payment is not received, the coins may be used to fill another order.