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The idea for a topical coin list began at a small coin show in the late 1970's with a request by a customer for coins depicting owls. At that time 4 Greek coins, 2 from 1912 and 2 from 1973 had owls on them. The lady suggested it would make it easier if I sorted my coins by topic so customers could find them. I began by setting up a binder with animal coins, another with trains, planes, and ships, and one with sports coins. The tremendous increase in the numbers or coins being issued for each topical area beginning in the 1990's became overwhelming and I had to specialize. Our reference set of minor animal coins includes 28 binders and 3 ½ double row boxes of the more expensive crowns. 

I am a professional biologist, with years of field experience in California, South Carolina, and Malaysia, and also worked at the San Francisco and San Diego Zoos. The choice of a specialty was easy. The Zoo Parade concept and motto "If it’s beastly, think of Beck" came to me on a long road trip to another coin show many years ago. The listing of coins by animal rather than by country was decided by animal coin collectors. Setting lists up based on taxonomy has been much more difficult, since it seems to be an alien concept to most website designers. 

We try to fill the needs of a range of customers, from the one time buyer looking for an unusual present to the advanced collector. Many of our customers are interested in one or more specific groups of animals, and we work hard to get new issues for them, including some banknotes. When we find something that meets their want list—we call or e-mail them to offer them first chance—at what be the only coin of that type we were able to acquire. 

Our inventory contains over 2100 different coins and medals from more than 250 countries. Both wild and domestic animals are included in our lists. The range of dates runs from BC Greek issues through the most current year releases. We do run out of coins and cannot find replacements for many. Low mintages and high prices for newer issues are part of the problem. Another factor is that available wholesale inventories of some coins in the U. S. and Europe are used up. Some dates in series never seemed to have reached the U.S. or are available only in proof and mint sets. We do break up most sets to offer our collectors the coins of their choice. We also have a variety of banknotes featuring animals—but haven’t had the time to list them. 

We do list dates when possible, but may run out of the lower mintages in a series. Most coins are Uncirculated or proof, but older ones may be circulated and are indicated as such in our listings. Now that we no longer set up at coins shows and have to worry about the weight and volume of coins we are transporting, more coins are kept in original cases and capsules The Krause Mischler (KM) series of catalogues of foreign coins provide us with most catalogue numbers, but we also use Bruce and Seaby numbers for coins not found in KM. Fluctuating metal prices have made it difficult to keep static prices for silver and gold coins. We will not sell coins for less than their metal value. 

Our revitalized website www.coinlode.com is now up and running while construction is going on. We are adding animals and photographs connected to each listing as we have time. We may never have more than 80 percent of our coins on the website, because some are too scarce and almost impossible to acquire. 

We guarantee our coins as advertised, and insure you that there will be no care and maintenance or veterinary bills associated with ownership.